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12 The Day of Devastation
The Packers brought home their seventh NFL championship as they beat a good Giant team with unsubtle ease

18 Weekend in the Bowls
The play was rough but exciting as some favorites fell in college football's six major bowl games

20 Luke and The Rat
A great center and a harassing defense brought OSU the title in college basketball's best tournament

22 The Sportsman of the Year
Ohio State's Jerry Lucas, best amateur basketball player in the world, wins the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED award

28 Other Moments and Other Men
A pictorial report, in black-and-white and color, on other athletes who created big moments of the year

36 Gamefish in a Lazy Lagoon
The rum is good but the fishing is even better at El Tarpon Tropical on the northern coast of Yucatan

44 One Move for Everybody
Shortswing Expert Miki Hutter reveals the subtle knee bend that controls every phase of Alpine skiing

54 Bizarre History of U.S. Sport
American sport had its origins in colonial times but didn't gel on its bicycle until late in the last century

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5 Scorecard
64 For the Record
65 Basketball's Week
66 19th Hole

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Artist Marc Simont demonstrates in six pages of sprightly sketches that the people who go to boat shows are even more fascinating than the glittering new boats they go to see.

Of all the cities in the U.S., none has received more lavish praise than San Francisco. Now a dissenter appears who says loudly: "No! The city on the Bay is not big league!"

John Zimmerman's camera shares a goalie's net to provide remarkable hockey pictures as Reporter Dave Anderson takes a closeup look at the new Ranger coach, Doug Harvey.