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16 Twice Two Is Four
Doug Sanders and Jack Nicklaus have a mission: to join Gary Player and Arnold Palmer as golf's ablest pros

20 Jolly Lark for a Jovial Scion
Winston S. Churchill, grandson of the statesman, writes of a hilarious college ski outing in Austria

24 The Boat Watchers
The most intriguing sight at any boat show is the spectators themselves. Drawn by Marc Simont

30 View from the Hottest Spot
John G. Zimmerman's color camera shows how hockey looks from inside the goal's mouth

39 Ranger Shooting for the Top
His team may not go that high this year, but New York's Doug Harvey will not be satisfied until it does

42 West over East, Packers over All
The western teams are better than the eastern ones in the NFL, and Green Bay is the best there is

48 Bright Dawn of the Sun Devils
Arizona State, second-highest-scoring team in the country, leads the basketball surge in the Southwest

50 The San Francisco Myth
An iconoclast takes a look at America's "loveliest" city and finds it sadly wanting in big-league qualities

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9 Scorecard
42 Pro Football
44 Nature
46 Charles Goren
48 Basketball
61 Yesterday
63 For the Record
64 Basketball's Week
65 19th Hole

Cover Photograph by John G. Zimmerman

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Next week

In a day filled with sales calls and crises of one kind or another, Coach Jumbo Elliott talks about his Villanova University track team and tells why it may be one of the best ever.

Beginning a searching series on the freedom of the open road, Kenneth Rudeen examines the problems of highway safety, of automobile design and of law enforcement in the 50 states.

A report on Doug Sanders, a refreshing newcomer among golf's top pros. He may swing like a Sunday hacker, but in the last half of 1961 he won more money than any other player.