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12 The Coaches Take Over
The AAU last week lost more ground in its fight for life as the colleges backed a new track federation

14 Singing the Blues in St. Louis
Ben Kerner built his pro basketball team on what he now calls a myth, and it has collapsed around him

16 Run for the Money
Taking a tip from the French, some golfing cads in Miami are letting girls do their caddying

18 Meeting All Comers
At Ron Taylor's carnival boxing booth in Britain, a bumpkin can get $4 for lasting three rounds

22 A New Kind of Underwater Magic
An adventurous woman plunges into the sea at the helm of a beautiful and somewhat bulky submarine built for two

30 Here Comes Jumbo
Villanova's Jim Elliott, equally handy with tractors and track men, has his best team in years

36 The Bad-form Champion of Golf
Doug Sanders' swing may look terrible but it is helping to make him one of the richest men in the game

42 A Game and Delectable Fish
Those who know the pompano only in a paper bag will find it can fight its way out—and right onto the table

48 Imperiled Freedom of the Open Road
In a new two-part series on safe driving, Kenneth Rudeen states the major problems of the highway today

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9 Scorecard
42 Food
45 Boating
61 Basketball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

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Next week

The 1962 indoor track season will be the biggest ever. In color, the split-second world of baton passers, and from Los Angeles Tex Maule's report on the year's first important meet.

Rex Lardner goes to a hound trial in Mississippi to lend an ear as they babble and they bay on the trail of their quarry—a sound that hunters believe is prettier than grand opera.

Championship swimmers brush fins like goldfish in the brand-new pool at the University of Indiana. Arlie W. Schardt takes a look at husky, young Chet Jastremski, the best of them all.