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Rugged boots which won their spurs in miles of riding, hiking and fighting country mud and snow today are marching colorfully down city streets in a new—and welcome—fashion parade. Shiny rain boots are replacing galoshes, and jodhpur boots are serving walkers as well as they have always served riders. The Newmarket boot, long the favorite at field trials, is being taken up by city women for rainy days, and cowboy boots are traveling from ranch to ski slopes for after-ski. In the foreground below, protecting the slim legs of a tall sportswoman, are trim canvas-and-rubber Newmarket boots (Miller's, $8). Behind them, from left to right, are a few of the styles for men and women on the move this season. The red patent boot is lined in jersey (Capezio, $30). Denim cowboy boot has copper rivets (Justin, $30). The black rubber boot has a walking heel (U.S. Rubber, $9). There are elastic gores on the red boot (Sandler of Boston, $13). The strapped jodhpur boot is being worn with business suits (Justin, $30). The chukka boot has a crepe sole (Church's of England, $19). The woman's rain boot is hunter's yellow (B. F. Goodrich, $10). The Botte Sauvage is custom-built and used anywhere from field trial to safari (Gokey, $57.50). English stable boot is of seamless rubber (Miller's, $6.50). Sleek jod boot has elastic sides (Miller's, $24). The Wellington boot, favorite of World War II flyers, now comes in reversed cowhide (Justin, $16).