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12 Palmer Gets a Big Revenge
The Masters went to an unprecedented playoff, where an old score was settled in grand fashion

18 Record-breaking Day in Austin
As the spring season began, 11 little-known Negro trackmen ran off with the honors in the Texas Relays

20 "What a Fine Little Man"
Eddie Arcaro calls it quits after three decades as horse racing's most famous jockey

22 Roll-a Bowl-a Boom
A graph charted by some of the 27,000 contestants in the ABC tournament shows how bowling is going

24 Youth Puts the U.S. in Front
In the national championships, a fast pack of high school swimmers upset Olympic veterans, foreign and domestic

26 Still on Top at 14
The story of Donna de Varona, who has a big heart for everything except losing swimming races

40 The Springtime Trials of a Rookie
Already a two-time loser, young Pitcher Art Quirk tries again to land a job with the Baltimore Orioles

46 Eight Hungry Dogs
John Zimmerman's color camera catches a covey of racing greyhounds in hot pursuit of a $2 win ticket

72 The Opening of the Father Season
Every April young Jonathan Rhoades watched in wonder as the head of the house got hooked by spring-run fish

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5 Scorecard
51 Boating
54 Hunting
57 Food
60 Bridge
65 Golf
66 Boxing
81 For the Record
83 19th Hole

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