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8 A Long Throw Ends a Long String
The greatest victory record in college track is snapped at a dual meet of giants in California

12 Cyclone of a Car
Its secret is the gas-turbine engine, and at the New York auto show and as a new Indy racer it promises revolution

16 Too Much to Beat This Year
The aging Boston Celtics won their fourth straight NBA title, but a strong young foe made it close

18 Racing Menace No. 1
In the Wood Memorial, Sunrise County lost again on a foul, and his Kentucky Derby rivals are nervous

20 Players with Magic
They are a diminishing lot, but there are still enough individualists in baseball to make the game interesting

32 The Demon Racer of Sunnyvale
His name is Steve Hernandez, his dad gave him a kart for Christmas and now he gives his mother ulcers

50 Drama of the Mayfly
The favorite prey of trout, these insects also are a delight to fishermen on warm spring nights

54 Swinging in the Rain
Neither a drizzle nor drench need daunt the golfer or golfing fan—he can be dry and well-dressed, too

66 Here Come Our Feathered Enemies
A brave dissenter insists that birds are good for stuffing and roasting—and not much else

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5 Scorecard
58 Hockey
60 Swimming
62 Golf
64 Bridge
73 For the Record
74 Baseball's Week
75 19th Hole

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Next week

Derby by Ungerer means a series of electric paintings by the distinguished French satirist. With them, an analysis of an unusual field of 3-year-old contenders by Whitney Tower.

The No. 1 amateur tennis player this year is a brilliant and erratic athlete and a restless, moody young man. Roger Williams describes the trials and torments of Whitney Reed.

The triangle cruise is made by motorboat through the waterways of New York and southern Canada. Roy Terrell and his family took the trip, and he reports on its delights.