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Watching the play on the Seattle Golf Club's pine-studded fairways, Russell Johnson (right) is dry and warm in a yellow vinyl-coated nylon jacket called the "Bearcat," made by Mr. Witt. On the opposite page: Lynn Larson wears a white vinyl patent-leather parka from Ernst Engel, backed with an absorbent cotton knit. With Lynn is Barbara Graham, in John Weitz's water-repellent poplin tunic, made by Supak. Her straw golfer's boater, by Miscellani, is also water-repellent, with a clear acrylic coating.

The Seattle golfers and spectators on these four pages have a welcome message for everyone who really loves the game. They are all wearing rain clothes designed to keep spectators dry and golfers swinging, no matter what the weather. The spectator clothes shown here in stylish and colorful vinyl-coated fabrics will withstand a drenching. Moreover, the excellent water-repellent fabrics developed over the past few years are now being used in action golf clothes: for men there are golf suits that are comfortable to play in, rain or shine, and for women golf skirts, parkas, even hats and shoes.

Foursome in the rain is made up of Judy Hoetmer in Bonnie Cashin's canvas skirt and hooded shirt from Philip Sills; Susan McCoy in McMullen's Zelan-treated golf culotte and Scotchgarded Sandler of Boston shoes; Dick Morgan wearing a Reevair golf suit designed by Gene Littler for Day's Sportswear; and Mindy Meyer in Ulla's Zelan-finished golf kilt and silk-and-Helanca turtleneck. The cheerful twosome above are Guy Hedreen, also wearing a Gene Littler suit, and Bob O'Brien, laughing at the rain in Zero King's new Reevair suit with overslacks.




Page 54: Mr. Witt jacket ($9), Bloomingdale's, New York. Page 55: Ernst Engel parka ($25), Saks Fifth Avenue, New York: Halle's, Cleveland; Best's Apparel, Seattle. Page 56: Bonnie Cashin shirt ($18) and skirt ($28), Bon Marche, Seattle; Neiman-Marcus, Dallas. McMullen culotte ($15), Lord & Taylor, New York: Sakowitz, Houston. Ulla kilt ($17) and sweater ($12), Saks Fifth Avenue, New York; Halle's, Cleveland: Denver Dry Goods. Golf umbrella ($14), Lord & Taylor, New York. Day's golf suit (jacket $15, slacks $13), Harris & Frank, Los Angeles; Meier & Frank, Portland, Ore. Page 57: Zero King jacket ($25) and slacks ($20), Lewis & Thomas Saltz, Washington, D.C.; Woolf Bros., Kansas City. Knox and Paul Stuart hats.