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James Court, president of the Duck Lake Golf Club in his home town of Albion, Mich., shot an improbable two holes in one on the same nine while playing a round with his regular foursome. He finished 11 over par for the 18. A golfer for five years, his handicap is 12.

Pamela Ann Ubbing, 12-year-old rider from Wise, Va., has won a ribbon in every horse show she has entered. At 9 she won the state championship for three-gaited ponies. A victory two weeks ago in Kingsport, Tenn. earned her another first prize, her 54th.

Benjamin A. Smith, Senator from Massachusetts, is sweeping through the Potomac River spring sailing series like a keen easterly from Gloucester, his home town, taking the Lightning class lead with five straight wins, the best performance for all nine class boats.

Gene A. Hill, a Madison Avenue copywriter who began shooting competitively two years ago when he was given a firearms account, turned up as a marksman in New York, shattering 192 targets out of 200 to become the national Class B amateur singles champion.

Susan Fournier, 20, of Merrimack College (Mass.), joined with her schoolmate brother Dick, 18, to sweep nine doubles wins over male college opponents before losing to a Brandeis University duo that refused to be rattled by serving to a pretty blonde across the net.

Tom Veitenhaus, 24, clipped almost 10 minutes off the record in winning the national intercollegiate bicycle road race over a hilly 50-mile course at New Haven, Conn. The sophomore from Spencerian College of Milwaukee just beat Princeton's Leif Thorne-Thomsen.