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Inspirational short


The coolest look around this summer—and the hottest fashion gambit—is not ladies in Pucci pants, but ladies in Wragge shorts. While the silky, long-pants look from Italy has taken over the promenades of Southampton and Palm Beach, shorts in recent years have all but been pushed oft the fashion stage. But when Designer Sydney Wragge last winter picked up his December 25, 1961 issue of Sports Illustrated, shorts got a booster shot. Wragge saw in Ted Polumbaum's photograph of Indian schoolboys playing field hockey (above) a natural elegance that he felt women anywhere in the world would envy. He was right. His American versions of field hockey shirts, shorts and turbans (shown at left in a photograph taken by Christa at Lucky Baldwin's former estate in Arcadia, Calif.) were an instant success. Hundreds of shirts and shorts already have been sold in some 80 different stores across the country.

Where to buy: Bonwit Teller, New York; J. L. Hudson Co., Detroit; Julius Garfinckel & Co., Washington; I. Magnin, all California stores and Seattle, at $30 for the shirts, $16 to $19 for the shorts and $25 for the pre-wound turbans. The jewelry and the shoes are from Taj of India.