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12 The Vigor We Need
President John F. Kennedy chooses SPORTS ILLUSTRATED to make a personal appeal for improved youth fitness

16 The River Ran Red
A Fourth of July rowing race on Philadelphia's Schuylkill River made only the Russians glorious

18 U.S. and U.S.S.R. About-face
Our men will win the Palo Alto track meet next week, and our men's-women's score might also top the Russians

20 New Huck on the Mississippi
This 12-year-old doesn't need to read Mark Twain. As Jerry Cooke's pictures show, he lives him

27 Pity the Poor British Pros
British golf pros have been having a bad time. They don't like the small purses and can't beat Aussies or Americans

30 2,600 Miles of Hell
A colorful report on the man-killing Tour de France, the world's greatest and longest bicycling race

39 The Bookie with the Bundles
Now that millions in gambling loot has turned up in Jersey City garages, Jimmy Breslin wants his betting money back

56 Lockwrist and Cage Cases
Putting paralyzes golfers' wrists, and it sometimes makes cage cases of ordinarily placid pros

The departments

9 Scorecard
45 Tennis
46 Bridge
48 Baseball
50 Horse Racing
65 Baseball's Week
66 For the Record
67 19th Hole

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