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12 Murder on a Moor
Arnold Palmer committed mayhem on Scotland's Old Troon course as he defended his British Open title

18 A Double Victory for the Hatmaker
Emile Griffith had to heat Ralph Dupas and his own fears to retain the welterweight championship in Las Vegas

20 A Lady's Brief Distress
With mast snapped short and sails awry, the onetime queen of the sea was a mess—but she may have good days ahead

22 Wettest Spot in Phoenix
The story of a small, determined man who runs a water hole full of champions and ambitious duffers

28 Golf Is a Violent Game
Further proof by the pros—in color—that for them the sport is far from a peaceful and pastoral pursuit

34 Hard-Luck Haberdashery
The package tour to Vegas can be bought for the price of a hat, but the final cost may include one's shirt

42 Fire on the Island
Residents of a barrier beach are gathering to resist the onslaught of steamrollers and concrete mixers

44 The Big Boys Are Back in Step
A pair of famous horses return to their winning ways to highlight a half-million-dollar day in stake races

48 Lovely Sea of Pi√π Tardi
On a voyage from Portofino to Capri, Carleton Mitchell learns the Italian sailor's working motto—"later"

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8 Scorecard
40 Baseball
42 Conservation
44 Horse Racing
47 Bridge
56 Baseball's Week
57 For the Record
58 19th Hole

Cover photograph by John G. Zimmerman

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The U.S. and Russian track teams come together in Palo Alto. Tex Maule reports on this meeting, in which each side is loaded with a full battery of world record holders.

The first round of trials over, Carleton Mitchell evaluates the four U.S. 12-meter boats in competition for the honor of defending the America's Cup against Australia.

A cheery, beery train ride takes a bunch of the boys from Devils Lake, N. Dak. to see their new heroes, the Minnesota Twins, play the Yankees, Gerald Holland goes along.