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20 It's the Yankees vs. the West
New York will meet the Dodgers or the Giants in a World Series that figures to be bitter and long

24 Lost in a Forest of Needles
The famous names couldn't keep out of the pine trees, so an unknown 20-year-old won the U.S. Amateur

28 A Team Even a Coach Can Love
Rip Engle won't admit it, but those who saw his Nittany Lions crush Navy are calling them the best in the East

30 Waterlogged Hitchhiker
A fast little hussy on Puget Sound gets picked up in the dark by a great big lumberman

32 "Jack Price Must Be Crazy"
So say the critics about the latest move of the unfashionable owner of our most popular horse, Carry Back

36 Underdog Shows Her Teeth
Unawed by the odds, a tough Australian crew sailed Gretel to a high place among America's Cup challengers

62 California's Covered Look
The new women's swimsuits enclose more territory, but girls will still look like girls

66 The Climb Up to Hell
Jack Olsen begins the full story of the tragic assault on the most treacherous mountain face in the world. Part I

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85 19th Hole

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Tommy McDonald, one of the smallest players in pro football, is also one of the best. John Underwood tells how the Eagles' end catches passes and manages to remain alive, too.

Tramp athletes? A survey conducted at the University of Pittsburgh indicates that cash scholarship aid does not corrupt college men or even lead them astray academically.