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A World Series quiz to tease the memory and increase the knowledge of fans and armchair experts

?None of the first 16 pinch batters in the World Series came through with a hit. Who was the first to succeed?

•Ira Thomas of the Tigers singled in the opening game of the 1908 Series. It was four years and 24 pinch hitters later before another player, Moose McCormick of the Giants, hit safely in the fourth game in 1912.

?What is Pat Dougherty famous for?

•Left Fielder Dougherty, playing for the Red Sox in the 1903 Series, was the first player to hit two home runs in the same game (second game). No one equaled this feat until Harry Hooper of the Red Sox hit two in the fifth game of the 1915 World Series, 67 games later.

?Who has the most stolen bases?

•Eddie Collins, playing in six Series for the Athletics and White Sox, leads with 14.

?Two players are tied for the most steals in one Series. Who are they?

•Honus Wagner stole six bases for the Pirates in seven games in 1909 to equal the record set in five games in 1907 by 33-year-old Shorty Slagle of the Cubs.

?What team has the best percentage for games and Series won?

•The Red Sox, who have won 24 of 38 games (.632) and five of six Series (.833). The Yankees are second in both categories: 92-54 (.630) and 19 of 26 (.731).

?In 1923 the Giants won only two games, both on late-inning home runs by a 34-year-old center fielder. Who was this slugger?

•Casey Stengel.

?Why was the fifth game of the 1918 Series delayed one hour?

•The Cubs and Red Sox went on a sit-down strike in a vain attempt to get a larger cut of the gate receipts.