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Johnny White, 29, of Warren, Mich., who races a 283-cubic-inch Offenhauser on the Midwest's International Motor Contest Association circuit, roared to a big win in the last race of the season, enabling him to just beat three-time champion Pete Folse to the IMCA title.

Ron Hohman, 21, biology student at Michigan State University, didn't so much as get his feet wet as he and partner Ralph Sawyer, 25, steered through a tumbling 240-mile course to win Michigan's Ausable River Valley race, their seventh canoe victory this year.

Phyllis Semple of Sewickley, Pa., on vacation with her husband in Hot Springs, Va., won the Homestead ladies' invitational golf tournament. Her husband, Harton, won the men's title and then they teamed to take the Wilcuma Cup for a Semple family sweep.

George Bork, Northern Illinois University quarterback with a .712 record for pass completions (126 for 177), set both NCAA and NAIA single-game records by hitting 37 of 47 attempts for 345 yards as he engineered the defeat of unbeaten Omaha University, 13-7.

Donald Mackenzie, who races an International out of Larchmont, N.Y., captained a team against Bermuda in the Amorita Cup races. Accounting for one win himself, he helped the U.S. total 45¼ points to Bermuda's 40 and take the trophy for the 10th time.

John Scott Jr. of Whittier, Calif., whose world record catch of a 322-pound black sea bass was broken in June when Dr. J. Gordon Bateman boated a 337-pounder, went resolutely to work to regain his title. Three months later he did, with a 388-pounder.