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Bon Voyage to the Ball Game

Robert Behnke is president of the Alumni Association of the University of Washington, and you don't find him at home when the Huskies are playing football. Nor do you find him or his friends snarled in Seattle's game-time traffic. Like many of their neighbors around Lake Washington, the Behnkes (left) cruise to the game from their home and tie up right alongside the stadium. En route to the game with California, Behnke and his fellow rooters (above) found ways to make the 20-minute trip a truly bon voyage.

Those who boat to Husky home games customarily arrive early and continue their impromptu parties and lunch at dockside, then walk up to the stadium, as Robert Behnke and his wife Sally are about to do (above). The Huskies themselves (left) contributed their bit to the day by beating California 27-0, and on that happy note the football fleet headed home, its spirits only slightly dampened by 20-knot winds and a driving rain.