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14 A Rough Day for the Bear
Alabama lost to Georgia Tech in the upset of the year, but an equal surprise was the purity of the game

18 End for an Ancient Warrior
Young Cassius Clay, fulfilling his bold prediction, knocks out old Archie Moore in the fourth round

22 Bon Voyage to the Bali Game
There are better ways to go than by trolley car. Seattleites like boating the best

26 Three Girls on a Horse
A covey of pretty equestriennes is bringing a fresh wave of excitement to the fall horse show circuit

31 Supercharged Aphorist
Army's Paul Dietzel, a flashy man with a phrase or a football team, prepares for the all-important Navy game

37 Not Mixin' or Manglin'
Billy McGill was a college sensation, but now he is on the bench facing the hard facts of pro basketball life

42 Nuts and Bolts in Nassau Town
Artist Marc Simont, in the Bahamas for the auto Speed Weeks, discovers some of the balmiest types going

68 The Cursed Swamp
Feared and avoided for years, The Great Dismal Swamp is now yielding up its secrets

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7 Scorecard
49 Amateur Athletics
52 Pro Football
58 Food
62 Football's Week
85 For the Record
86 19th Hole

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Next week

U.S. Ski resorts are being developed to rival Europe's best. Ezra Bowen writes about four of the finest ones, and a color portfolio captures the wonderland look of the slopes.

Football in color photographs will provide a bonus for fans of the pro game. The occasion will be this week's pivotal clash between the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions.

A search for giants has obsessed Cape Cod's Charlie Mayo for the past 30 years. His quarry is the bluefin tuna, and Roy Terrell will report on both his triumphs and his defeats.