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The "glorioustime of great Too-Much," Leigh Hunt called Christmas, going on in the samepoem to achieve the phrase, "most unthrifty glee." On the followingpages are collected some occasionally unthrifty, but certainly gleeful, gifts.Useful things have intruded themselves as well, even into the children'sselection, but they are handsome enough to get away with it. Chosen with an eyeto the sportsman's children (opposite), his home and his hobbies (followingpages), all the gifts that are pictured in this six-page portfolio can beordered by mail and will arrive in time if you don't fool around and put it offtoo long. Specifics as to the postage and store addresses are listed at the endof the collection, and we wish you all a great Too-Much.


Below, in alphabetical order, are the storespreviously mentioned, with their mail-order addresses. Prices do not includepostage unless "ppd." follows the address.

Robert Abels, 860 Lexington Ave., New York 21(ppd.)
Abercrombie & Fitch, 360 Madison Ave., New York 20; 9 N. Wabash Ave.,Chicago; 220 Post St., San Francisco
Alaska-Arctic Furs, 1517 Fifth Ave., Seattle (ppd.)
American Motor Scooter, 7 Park Ave., New York 16
Aspen Leaf, 221 Detroit St., Denver 6
L. L. Bean, Freeport, Me. (ppd.)
Bianchini Gallery, 16 E. 78 St., New York 21
Bloomingdale's, 1000 Third Ave., New York 22
Bon Marché, Third and Pine, Seattle
Crossroads of Sport, 5E. 47 St., New York 17
Famous-Barr, 6th and Olive, St. Louis
Gano-Downs, 16th and Stout, Denver
Francis Golden, Godfrey Road, Weston, Conn.
Groves Archery, 408 Virginia S.E., Albuquerque
Gump's, 250 Post St., San Francisco (ppd.)
Fred Harvey, Indian Building, Albuquerque
Harvey Radio, 103 W. 43 St., New York 36
J. L. Hudson, Detroit
Thomas Jeter, 701 W. Main St., Richmond
Jonas Bros., 1507 12th Ave., Seattle 22
La Piñata, 2 Patio Market, Albuquerque (ppd.)
Little Portugal, 15 Christopher St., New York 14
Macy's, Herald Square, New York 1
I. Magnin, San Francisco; Portland; Seattle
Karl Mann, 677 Fifth Ave., New York 22
Marshall Field, Chicago
Meldan House, 305 E. 63 St., New York 21
Meyers, 340 West Main St., Lexington, Ky.
Millers, 123 E. 24 St., New York 10
Navajo Arts & Crafts, Window Rock, Ariz, (ppd.)
Neiman-Marcus, Dallas 1
Nelson's Folly, 1092 Second Ave., New York 22
Papier Malcé, 55 Greenwich Ave., New York 14
Phoenix Pan American, 793 Lexington Ave., New York 21
Phelps-Terkel, 5550 Wilshire, Los Angeles 36 (ppd.)
Saks Fifth Ave., 611 Fifth Ave., New York 22
F.A.O. Schwarz, 745 Fifth Ave., New York 22
Textiles & Objects, 8 E. 53 St., New York 22 (ppd.)
Van Keppel-Green, 116 S. Lasky, Beverly Hills (ppd.)
Westchester Country Club Pro Shop, Rye, N.Y.
White Flower Farm, Litchfield, Conn.
The Zoo, 45 Christopher St., New York 14