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The dream is the same as at Harvard Stadium—the soft, green turf, the large crowd cheering every move, the music, the uniforms bright and clean. But for Crash, Cuddles, Zonk, Razz, Nippy and the rest of the Charlestown Townies of the semipro Boston Park League, football is played for the game and not—as is clearly evident on these pages—for the glory. The Townies practice on a pockmarked stretch of ground called The Oily, and take their pay home in a change purse. This year, to win a fourth straight Senior Park League title, they had to repulse a raid by a rival team that tried to woo star Halfback Nippy Nolan (above) with an offer of $50 a game and a new pair of dentures

Half-time postmortem is conducted under the glare of a 60-watt bulb by Coach Jack Luiselli (standing) and Billy Goggin in the morgue-like atmosphere of a field house boiler room

Charlestown's tackling makes up in ferocity what it lacks in finesse, as the slightly mashed and grimacing ballcarrier (above) can testify. The equipment shortage (28 helmets, 36 players) is relieved by a quick handoff (right) as the defensive and offensive platoons switch position. And perhaps even star Lineman Cuddles Considine (far right) is dreaming of a clean jersey as he kneels, tattered but still full of fight, on Charlestown sidelines

Looking more than a bit like members of "Our Gang" grown to rugged manhood, Razz Murray, Tom Beckwith, Joe Gass, Billy Coyman and Harry Festa, only slightly disheveled by Park League standards, watch tensely (below) as the Townies stage a second-half rally against South Boston Chippewas. After the game (right) Charlestown and Chippewa officials cut up the swag, such as it is, in the dressing room