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26 Young Jack the Mighty Master
Strength and youth won at Augusta, and Champagne Tony gives golf's Big Three cause to worry

32 They Went Thisaway
Even though he looks like Wrong-Way Corrigan, the man is running according to the rules

34 2 Octillion to 1
Four ladies in Kankakee sit down to their Thursday night bridge game and come up with a hand to remember

36 Charlie's Seventh Heaven
The Palm Springs Racquet Club, haven for Hollywood's best, is still guided by its founder-star, Charlie Farrell

48 One-two Punch for Tennis
With the help of Artist Coby Whitmore, Bill Talbert shows how even a pretty player can play to win

62 New Skin for the Human Fish
Scuba divers now have a choice of brightly hued "wet suits" as well as traditional black

72 Heretic with Great Expectations
A Ford-powered, English-built racer is so fast it promises to run standard Indianapolis cars off the track

76 On the Run from Dogs and People
Marathon runners have more than distance to contend with. An inside view by Hal Higdon, a 26-miler himself

The departments

15 Scorecard
54 Skiing
62 Sporting Look
65 Baseball
68 Bullfighting
72 Motor Sports
74 Bridge
93 For the Record
96 19th Hole

Acknowledgments on page 93

Cover painting by Coby Whitmore















Next week

Masters champion Jack Nicklaus writes his exclusive story of the four days of tension, tactics and shotmaking that ended with his come-from-behind triumph at Augusta.

A fishing discovery is the new Club de Pesca de Panamà on Pi√±as Bay. Jack Olsen describes this saltwater Valhalla, where black marlin almost literally mob the waters.

An ideal yacht club is projected by Bill Ficker, a racing sailor who knows how to build things. The club is presented in color photographs accompanied by design details.