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Kim Worley, 16, another mermaid from Santa Clara, Calif., after swimming an astronomical number of apprentice laps and setting a number of age-group records, finally made the big time by capturing the Senior National AAU 200-yard butterfly title.

Denise Wall is a tennis player who, like her rifle-shooting counterpart at right, is not content with purely female competition. The No. 3 "man" on Stetson University's formerly all-male varsity tennis team, she is bashful but not hesitant about beating the men.

Margaret Thompson, 20, is another of the rapidly increasing host of women to invade male athletics. A local and state .22 rifle champion, Margaret is the most dependable marksman and the only girl on the formerly all-male Kansas State University rifle team.

Larry Mantle, 21, student at Moberly (Mo.) Junior College whose only intercollegiate sport is basketball, scored the points which put his team into the national junior college finals. In off-campus baseball Larry bats .300, with coaching from his big brother, Mickey.

Mamo Wolde, 29, of Ethiopia, one of scores of athletes adopted by U.S. schools for a track training program, won the Hyde Shoe 12-mile handicap in a record 55:56 over young Johnny Kelley, Pete McArdle and his countryman, Olympic marathon star Abebe Bikila.

Ken Del Conte, 21, a senior at the University of Southern California and utility halfback on the national championship Trojan football team, made a last-second decision to run for student body president, became the second football player ever to get the job.