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12 Everybody Runs to Boston
The largest entry list in history started in the Boston Marathon. A smiling Belgian clerk won it

18 Hot Team in the Old Town
Philadelphia loves a loser, but now the city's baseball fans don't know whether to laugh or cry

22 Players Are Not Just People
By suspending two pro stars, NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle strongly makes the point that players cannot bet

28 A Bluegrass Spring
The pleasures of Thoroughbred racing in Lexington, Ky. are warmly evoked in four pages of color photographs

34 Not So Gently down the Stream
A lazy weekend on a canoe float was the lure, but enough hazards developed to keep everyone wide-awake

51 The Cup That Enriches
This year's Stanley Cup playoffs proved only that hockey fans and their money are easily parted

58 The Rifle Called Daisy
Millions of Americans fondly recall the BB gun of their youth. The company that made it is still going strong

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8 Scorecard
49 Horse Racing
50 Bridge
51 Hockey
55 Tennis
67 Baseball's Week
70 For the Record
73 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Walter Iooss Jr.















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The derby preview evaluates Candy Spots, Never Bend—and No Robbery—while a university professor explains why, win or lose, the mutuels are stacked against the bettor.

The relay season is upon us, bigger and splashier than ever. Tex Maule reports on the annual Mt. San Antonio carnival, which is fast becoming one of the U.S.'s top track meets.

Whirly birds are flying machines that really do not want to fly, unlike airplanes, which do. Bill Mauldin describes the hilarious experiences he had learning to work a helicopter.