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18 The Spitter Is Back
That controversial and outlawed pitch is back again to raise the heat—and humidity—of the pennant races

22 Getting Fit to Fight Again
Arnold Palmer, resting at home, discusses his recent slump and says he is ready to come back strong

26 A Spirit that Wrecked a Computer
In an age of planned races, New Zealand's magnificent miler, Peter Snell, struck out on his own—and won

30 The Moral Force of Sport
Athletics, under fire at home, is still among our finest exports, writes Sargent Shriver, Peace Corps director

32 Good Looks on the Ladies' Tour
Fresh young faces and vigorous promotion are giving women's professional golf a new image

38 Slipperiest Fish in the Sea
Eels are not easy to love. But they do provide fun for the fisherman and food for the gourmet

48 Shipshape in the Beach House
New designs and discoveries make the summer cottage a color-filled delight

64 Bob Hope: A Nut about Sports
Behind his gags and clowning on the subject is a deep, lifelong devotion to sports

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10 Scorecard
48 Design for Sport
50 Rowing
54 Golf
56 Baseball
77 Baseball's Week
78 For the Record
79 19th Hole

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The new "500," replete with Grand Prix drivers and rear-engined racers, should be the fastest ever. Kenneth Rudeen reports from Indianapolis on America's premier auto event.

Warren Giles, the cherubic National League president, is a man of integrity, honesty—and controversy. As spokesman for his 10 bosses, the club owners, he fields his position well.

College crew is brilliantly illuminated in eight pages of paintings by Harvey Schmidt and the first-person story of a race by a Harvard sophomore who can write as well as row.