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18 Cassius Invades Britain
Boxing's brash young man lands in London to find the natives fascinated but unawed

26 Against the Clock at Indy
In a brilliant but controversial "500," Parnelli Jones beat Jimmy Clark on the track and in the pits

32 Meet Honest Warren Giles
The cherubic, much-criticized president of the National League is an owners' man who strives to please

The Cadences of Crew

42 Artist Harvey Schmidt paints the Syracuse regatta
74 Tom Mayer, Harvard '65, describes a race he rowed in

52 New Fun in the Field
With little chance to make good in the big time, the family-trained hunting dog is having his day at last

60 High Time at the Bourbon Open
Golf's most jovial event is a sprightly affair where straight shots outnumber straight shooters

66 Batter with a Built-in Slump
King of weak-hitting pitchers is Bob Buhl, who once had an average of .000 for an entire season

The departments

14 Scorecard
51 Horse Racing
52 Dogs
56 Golf
60 Golf
65 Bridge
66 Baseball
89 Baseball's Week
90 For the Record
91 19th Hole

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Next week

Jack Nicklaus, the defending champion, presents his own analysis of The Country Club and tells why the course will make some unique demands on pros in the coming U.S. Open.

Introverted, Moody Frank Robinson is sometimes called a "black Ty Cobb" because of his furious style of play. Morton Sharnik tells how the Reds' slugger got that way.

East African fishing in the Indian Ocean has a flavor all its own. The fish are the same as in any southern sea, the birds and the sea itself are the same—yet there is a difference.