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12 Whatever Happened to Hartack?
Breaking silence in an exclusive interview, one of our top athletes explains his absence from the news

16 "Ouch" at the T-Bird
Arnold Palmer makes a $25,000 comeback, but both he and Jack Nicklaus have their moments of pain

18 Roaring down the River
There were prizes for some and bumped bottoms for others in the Hudson River Outboard Marathon

20 Go Lightly into the Wilderness
A new method of freeze-dry food preparation proves a boon to backpackers and casual travelers

22 Pitching Explosion in Paradise
A unique problem faces the Pirates: how to win a pennant with 11 good pitchers and too few base hits

30 Youngsters Under Sail
A photographic glimpse of some very young people at a very old sport and a discussion of how they learn it

52 Lords of Fun and Games
Mark Goodson and Bill Todman invented and produce the games played and watched by 125 million each week

The departments

6 Scorecard
41 Baseball
44 Rowing
46 Track & Field
48 Golf
61 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Neil Leifer

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Next week

The U.S. Open Championship is decided at Brookline; Alfred Wright will be there to tell of the strokes and strategy that enabled the winner to conquer the field and the course.

Ocean racing is a photogenic and challenging sport. Both aspects are explored in words and color photography as racing yachts head out across the two biggest oceans.

In the south seas the Club Méditerranée has established one of its 27 "total vacation" villages. Gilbert Rogin describes a visit to Moorea and the nature of the club itself.