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16 Big Jay Has His Day
The pros have a rough time at a frantic U.S. Open, where victory finally goes to an old smoothie named Boros

22 Our Swiftest Are the Best
Brilliant performances in the AAU track championships last week mean only one thing for the Russians—trouble

26 Bill Dailey, Please Come In
With a new bullpen hero and smoking bats, the Minnesota Twins are in hot pursuit of the Yankees

28 The Work of Fine Italian Hands
For the sixth straight year the Italians won the world bridge championship, although the U.S. team made a good try

32 Against Time and the Ocean
Pictures and words tell how it looks and how it feels to race on the high seas

42 'E Said 'E Would and 'E Did
In a London setting, loudmouth Cassius Clay disposes of Henry Cooper and turns toward Sonny Liston

48 The Total Vacation Game
A Belgian named Blitz has made his Club Méditerranée into a byword from the South Seas to the Alps

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7 Scorecard
38 Baseball
40 Tennis
42 Boxing
61 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

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Next week

Casting is fun even if you don't catch any fish. Fishing is more fun if you cast well. Jon Tarantino, world amateur casting champion, does both, and he explains how you can, too.

A refreshing flack (or publicity man) named Harold Conrad is bringing imagination and Hollywood flair to the fight game. His talents now turn to the Liston-vs.-Patterson bout.

The wilds of childhood have a special nostalgia for every adult. Dolly Connelly recalls the summers of her youth spent on a tiny island off the mainland of British Columbia.