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10 If It's Not One M It's Another
With Mantle injured, Maris has saved the Yankees by hitting to all fields and even bunting

16 Sweet Explosion in the Air
When the ladies meet, they speak softly; but when they race for world records, they are as gentle as two Sabre jets

18 A Legend Dies on the Court
In a moment of pathetic anticlimax, Pancho Gonzalez tries and fails to make a comeback

20 Drums for Champs and Bums
Imagination and a Hollywood flair make Harold Conrad the fight game's most refreshing publicity man

30 The World's Master Caster
Jon Tarantino, the world's best amateur caster, shows how to cast well and have more fun fishing

38 Special in Gold Cups
A grocer by trade, Bill Muncey is a wholesale collector of the top prizes in hydroplane racing

52 Muley's Enchanted Summer
Nostalgia colors and adds to the charm of Dolly Connelly's memories of her wild summers on Jervis Island

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6 Scorecard
44 Football
46 Baseball
48 Boating
50 Harness Racing
60 Baseball's Week
62 For the Record
63 19th Hole

Cover painting by Francis Golden

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Next week

Arnold Palmer begins an exclusive five-part series that shows how his unique concepts of the game can be used by all players to improve their golfing pleasure and proficiency.

Thunderboats, manned by the best hydroplane drivers, will gather on the Detroit River to keep Seattle's Bill Muncey from driving still another Miss Thrift way to Gold Cup victory.

Miami's Gadfly is a sarcastic, wild-betting television sportscaster named Clure Mosher. John Underwood explains why it is so hard for viewers to like him—or to tune him out.