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10 The Ham and the Knife
Ebullient Phil Rodgers was the cut up of the British Open, until lefty Bob Charles cut him clown in a playoff

12 A Measured Look at the Big Fight
Physical superiority makes Liston the favorite, but Patterson could employ a strategy that would win

16 Worried Man with a Frightening Filly
A commoner can happily own a common horse, but what does he do when she suddenly joins the nobility?

18 The Swing Is Simple
In Part II of his five-part series, Arnold Palmer shows that a good golf swing is easy to develop

32 Dick Groat and His Hitting Machine
A new hero in St. Louis is the man who finally filled that aching vacancy at short

40 Slicker than the Old Yellow
Eastern boatmen are replacing the traditional Gloucester oilskins with light new waterproofs

46 East of The Race
Carleton Mitchell guides Finisterre to Nantucket through some of America's most historic cruising waters

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6 Scorecard
37 Baseball
40 Sporting Look
56 For the Record
57 Baseball's Week
58 19th Hole

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Next week

The big fight in Las Vegas will determine Patterson's future, but Liston's case is not so simple. A report on who won and how, and some answers to the question: What next?

Diving girls of the Dick Smith Swim Gym acrobatically tuck and tumble in four color pages, to show why springboard diving is the most graceful—and formful—of all sports.

Weekend houses at the seashore do not have to be square, in shape or in spirit, as Andy Geller's creations prove. A six-page look at some breakthroughs in sports architecture.