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12 Big Night in Las Vegas
A report from ringside and beyond of the battle for the heavyweight championship

16 Nicklaus with the Heat On
In the 100° temperatures of Dallas, Big Jack moved implacably forward to the PGA title

18 They Could Be Good
America's trackmen just managed to win in Moscow, but the Russians felt there was room for improvement

20 The Very Best Act in Town
Sandy Koufax, baseball's top pitcher, has money, girls and an Oldsmobile, but he worries about tomorrow

24 Palmer III: Putter and Driver
Continuing his five-part series, Arnold Palmer explains the mysteries of the most vital clubs

32 Bold and Fluid Beauty
The pure art in springboard diving is captured in color by Coles Phinizy and Tony Triolo

40 Unsquared Cube for Weekends
House Designer Andy Geller uses traditional materials in novel ways to reshape the summer home

56 Speed King? Or Son of Speed King?
Is the driver of Britain's Bluebird an authentic hero or only the pale reflection of a famous father?

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7 Scorecard
47 Bridge
48 Boating
51 Scuba Diving
52 Baseball
62 Baseball's Week
65 For the Record
66 19th Hole

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Next week

Significant sequels will provide a colorful reexamination of the big fight in Las Vegas and an analysis by Jack Nicklaus of his own victory in the PGA tournament at Dallas.

World champion Nancy Vonderheide won the title soon after first taking up archery, much to the astonishment of all archers, including herself. Virginia Kraft tells her story.

Pacific crest trail winds through 22 national forests from Canada to Mexico, an old forest ranger horse path and a new recreational treasure. Robert Cantwell describes it.