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12 A Smile on the Face of the Tiger
The middleweight champion—and all the rest of Nigeria—hugely enjoyed the first world title fight in Black Africa

20 A Doubting Dutchman
Rookie Ron VanderKelen, Big Ten and Rose Bowl star, is not sure he will shine as brightly as a pro

28 How Dumb Can They Be?
Color photographs show the excitement and motion in the demanding day of the major league catcher

34 You Can't Catch Too Many Bass
Biologist George W. Bennett, after years of experiment, concludes that closed seasons on bass are for the birds

40 Zip Back to School
The Zipper and the parka get together and produce some ingenious new campus attire

46 Cool Run for an Old Hot Rodder
Nobody was sure what Craig Breedlove was driving, but there was no doubt that he was the world's fastest driver

58 The Beetle Does Float
The Volkswagen, runaway bestseller among imported cars, lives up to most of the claims made for it

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8 Scorecard
40 Sporting Look
46 Motor Sports
52 Bridge
56 Baseball
69 Baseball's Week
70 For the Record
71 19th Hole

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Next week

The menace at the national tennis championships will be Dennis Ralston, a stormy young man who is able to beat them all unless he gets angry at his greatest enemy—himself.

The back river, flowing through Canada's barren lands, had been unconquered for more than a hundred years. Austin Hoyt tells how he and three companions made the descent.

For Mickey Mantle playing baseball is the easiest part of every summer day. Ed Graham records his impressions of the 24 hours he spent following his idol around Kansas City.