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Harold Conrad, 12, of Duluth aimed his racer downhill through five heats and outlasted a record field of 238 boys in the 26th All-American Soap Box Derby in Akron. He covered the last heat in a speedy 27.6 seconds to win a $7,500 college scholarship.

Tom McNamara, a trucking executive, transported four boats and five engines 160 miles to a championship in Michigan and entered four of six events. He returned home with three first-place trophies, a second-place plaque—and his equipment, of course.

Bobby Fincel, 11, of Dubuque, Iowa shattered 98 of 100 targets and 23 of 25 in a shoot-off, to defeat 471 men and become the youngest champion to win the Iowa Handicap Trap-shooting tournament. Bobby's father won the same title in 1950 at the age of 26.

Bonnie Logan, 15, of Durham, N.C. easily won the girls' 16-and-under and mixed doubles titles at the American Tennis Association National Juniors and then went on to win the 18-and-under girls' division without losing a set, defeating the defending champion in the finals.

Sandy Gilchrist, 17, of Ocean Falls, British Columbia was named the outstanding swimmer at the Canadian championships when he chopped five seconds off the Canadian 200-meter freestyle record with a 2:03.2 clocking and took four other events in record-breaking time.

Spencer Harris, 63, who was an American League outfielder 33 years ago, switched positions but is still active on the diamond as a catcher in slow-pitch Softball. Recently he batted .379 to pace his Justers' team to a league championship in Minneapolis.