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8 U.S. Tennis Comes Back
Adding new coolness to latent brilliance, Dennis Ralston joined with Chuck McKinley to smash the Mexicans

16 The Big Three Looked Mighty Small
Crewman upset the glamour colts at Saratoga, while Carry Back did pretty well in Cleveland

18 The Old Guard Has to Call It a Day
As Indianapolis drivers watched in dismay, a Lotus-Ford won at Milwaukee, signaling the end of a famed car

20 If You See a Snake, Hit It
Like Federales chasing Pancho Villa, 12 golfers pursue a golf ball over eight miles of wild Mexican terrain

26 The Dramatic Moment
Artist Arthur Shilstone depicts the emotional climax of Wally Butts's suit against The Saturday Evening Post

28 Fair Time at an Old Coal Mine
Highlight of a state fair week in Du Quoin, Illinois is trotting's top race, The Hambletonian

34 Down the Back to the Arctic
Four young canoeists battle a river no guide knew and no man had conquered in more than a century

50 On the Trail of a Hero
Just one day on the road with Mickey Mantle demonstrates that playing ball is his easiest chore

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5 Scorecard
42 Golf
45 Bridge
46 Baseball
56 For the Record
57 Baseball's Week
58 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Phil Bath

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Next week

The big payoff on Walter O'Malley's Chavez Ravine seems imminent as Ron Fairly and the other young Dodgers battle to win the pennant that slid away from them last year.

Bath and Tennis clubs are popping up in suburbs all over the U.S. But none of the hundreds built during the last five years can equal the facilities of the one in Lake Forest, Illinois.

The Colorado river flows straight south from Las Vegas to El Golfo, Mexico. Jack Olsen took the 500-mile trip and reports on the fishing and natural wonders along the way.