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8 Dodgers in a Dogfight
Scratching for runs, scrambling for each victory, the Los Angeles ballplayers are certain they will win the pennant

14 A New Darling of the Galleries
Anne Quast Welts won the Amateur, but everyone fell in love with a chubby kid golfer from Spokane

16 Alone at the Top of the Mark
Before a hometown crowd, Miamian John Pennel became the first man ever to pole-vault over 17 feet

18 Is That You Up There, Johnny Blood?
Gerald Holland explores the life and times of one of the legendary characters of professional football

26 A New Sport: Captain-fishing
Sport-fishing skippers are being tempted to jump from ship to ship with promises of money and even marriage

36 Big Splash for Bath and Tennis
A look at one of the best of the hundreds of new clubs that are satisfying suburbia's family demands

52 Colorado Jackpot
A trip along the Colorado River from Las Vegas to El Golfo, Mexico can be fun. It can also be exasperating

The departments

5 Scorecard
42 Baseball
46 College Football
48 Horse Racing
61 For the Record
62 Baseball's Week
63 19th Hole

Cover photograph by Russell Lee

Acknowledgments on page 61

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The pro football issue explores the power and the problems of the NFL's 14 teams and the AFL's eight teams in a special 19-page Scouting Report section. Tex Maule picks the winners in the NFL and Tom Brody makes the AFL selections. Artist Bob Peak portrays the vivid color and brutal glory of the game in a nine-page portfolio of paintings, and Vince Lombardi, coach of the Green Bay Packers, reveals something about himself and how the Packers "Run to Daylight." In addition: all of the regular weekly news reports and features.