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A U.S. Amateur golf quiz to stimulate the memory and test the knowledge of the casual fan and armchair expert

? Who won the first U.S. Amateur?

•One of America's golfing pioneers, Charles B. Macdonald of Chicago, took the first championship in 1895 at the nine-hole Newport (R.I.) Golf Club course. His son-in-law, H. J. Whigham, won the title the following two years.

? Who has won the most championships?

•Robert T. Jones Jr. leads with five. After six unsuccessful attempts, the first made in 1916 when he was 14, the Atlanta golfer took the 1924 championship. His other wins were in 1925, 1927, 1928 and 1930, the year of his Grand Slam. Jones was runner-up in 1919 and 1926.

? Who was the oldest Amateur champion?

•Jack Westland was 47 when he won the title in 1952. He had reached the finals 21 years before but had been defeated by Francis Ouimet.

? Who was the youngest champion?

•Robert A. Gardner won the 1909 championship when he was 19 years 5 months old. Jack Nicklaus was three months older when he first became champion in 1959. He won again in 1961.

? What is the record number of holes played in an Amateur final?

•A former caddie from East Rochester, N.Y., Sam Urzetta, had to play 39 holes in the 1950 final before subduing Frank Stranahan 1 up.

? What is the greatest number of years that elapsed between a golfer's first and last wins in the National Amateur?

•Seventeen years. Francis Ouimet took his first Amateur in 1914 when he was 21. He won again in 1931.

? What player has competed in the most A mateur championships?

•Charles Evans Jr., champion in both 1916 and 1920, played in his 50th National Amateur in 1962. He was eliminated in the first round.