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18 The Dying American League
Unless a remedy is quickly found, an excess of Yankee success may prove as lethal at the gate as on the field

22 Trotting's Wondrous Scot
In harness racing's premier event Speedy Scot was challenged as never before and proved his courage

24 Lost Weekend in the Surf
Nobody ever catches anything, but half a million cold, wet, deliriously happy anglers keep right on trying

26 Biggest Show in U.S. Sport
More people enter the Grand American trapshooting handicap in Vandalia, Ohio than any other event in the U.S.

35 Pro Football 1963

36 The men who play the game are painted by Bob Peak, down on the field where the battle rages
47 SCOUTING REPORTS: Tex Maule analyzes the NFL and picks the teams. Tom Brody does the same for the AFL
94 DAY OF THE GAME: Vince Lombardi, with W. C. Heinz, records his experiences on one big Sunday last autumn

76 A Clean Country Sweep
The sporting look for fall, oriented to crisp, bright outdoor days, is photographed in color

The departments

13 Scorecard
70 Baseball
74 Golf
76 Sporting Look
84 Bridge
89 Shooting
111 Baseball's Week
113 For the Record
114 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by N. R. Farbman















Next week

Russians and royalty will both be on hand as top racing yachtsmen from all over the world gather on Long Island Sound to determine who is best at sailing a $25,000 boat.

The chiefs, quondam Texans and AFL champions, start the pro football season. Dan Jenkins talks with the medicine men and travels with the team from Kansas City to Denver.

A gold-tinted weekend finds the 2-year-olds running for $350,000 in the richest horse race and four champions fighting for a $50,000 first prize in the World Series of Golf.