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14 Sport Has a Golden Weekend

16 A COLT with the appropriate name of Golden Ruler takes the world's richest race

18 THE DODGERS reach oh-so-slowly for a pennant, while their fans attempt to touch the strong-arm guy that leads them

20 JACK NICKLAUS wins $50,000 that may let him forget the day he gave Palmer the needle and got stuck himself

22 TENNIS' NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS were champion but not as national as some had hoped

26 THE KANSAS CITY CHIEFS start the AFL season victoriously, taking up where they left off as the Dallas Texans

34 Makers of the Sports Page
The art of sportswriting goes back some 2,500 years. Four extraordinary men shaped the art

62 I Swore I Would Quit Football
Ron Mix, now the best offensive lineman in the AFL, tells what happened after he made that vow

The departments

6 Scorecard
44 Bridge
46 Golf
49 Baseball
52 Boating
56 Horseshoe Pitching
73 For the Record
74 Baseball's Week
75 19th Hole

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Next week

College Football is here again, and in the eighth annual football issue SPORTS ILLUSTRATED picks the year's 11 best elevens; John Underwood reports on Miami's George Mira, the Key West Conch who ranks as the best in a year of exceptional quarterbacks; and Dan Jenkins explores the winning world of Texas' energetic Darrell Royal. Scouting reports evaluate all the major conferences and the best of the small-college teams, and there is a vivid glimpse of West Texas high school football. Away from the campus; there will be interpretive reporting of the week's big sports news and a full quota of regular features.