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A Little Brown Jug quiz to stimulate the memory and increase the knowledge of harness-racing fans

? Where did the Little Brown Jug get its name?

•A nationwide contest was held in 1945 to name the race that is now considered the premier racing classic in the U.S. An Ohio-an, Major Lanning Parsons, submitted the name Little Brown Jug, recalling that a side-wheeling stallion by that name had come out of Tennessee in 1881 to shatter all pacing records in the Midwest.

? What horse won the first Jug?

•Castleton Farm's Ensign Hanover had to contest four grueling mile heats in 1946 before winning two of them (he was second in the other two), $17,680 and the Little Brown Jug.

? Which was the fastest Jug?

•The 1960 stake won by Bullet Hanover. Starting as one of the biggest Jug favorites ever, Bullet broke in the first heat and finished a dismal ninth in the field of 11. The winner, Muncy Hanover, set a mile record of 1:58[3/5] over the saucer-shaped Delaware (Ohio) Fairgrounds track. In the second heat, raced in the same record-breaking time, Bullet passed Muncy Hanover 50 yards from the finish to win by half a length. He took the third heat in 1:59[3/5].

? What stallion has sired the greatest number of Jug winners?

•Sons of Adios have won seven of the last nine renewals—Adios Harry (1954), Noble Adios (1956), Shadow Wave (1958), Adios Butler (1959), Bullet Hanover (1960), Henry T. Adios (1961), and Lehigh Hanover (1962).

? What driver has guided the most Jug victors?

•John Simpson, a 43-year-old South Carolinian, has won three—Noble Adios (1956), Torpid (1957) and Bullet Hanover (1960).

? Who will win the 1963 Little Brown Jug?

•Overtrick, a Solicitor colt who has beaten two minutes four times this year, is our choice.