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Lillian Howard of Brooklyn, a captain at Bermuda's Kindley AFB, landed a 94-pound 8-ounce Allison tuna to top the women's world record for a 20-pound test line. The well-tanned nurse, who is a longtime weekend golfer, just started game fishing 14 months ago.

Fred Beckey, 33, with young mountaineers Steve Marts and Eric Bjornstad, made the first ascent of the north wall of Mt. Slesse in the Skagit Range, British Columbia. Rated as one of the continent's most difficult climbs, it includes 3,000 feet of rock, sloping 70 degrees.

Mrs. Donna Mae Mims, 30, a slender blonde secretary, took the Class H Production title at the SCCA championships to become the first woman to win a national sports car title. "The Pink Lady" (for the color of her racing outfit) drove a pink Austin Healey Sprite.

Bob Chance, 23, first baseman-outfielder for Charleston, won the Eastern League's triple crown (.342 BA, 26 HRs, 114 RBIs) and also led the league in slugging percentage (.613). Called up to the Cleveland Indians, he hit .379 in his first eight major league games.

Mrs. Marion Ladewig, 48, of Grand Rapids, was elected Woman Bowler of the Year—for the 10th time since 1950. Mrs. Ladewig, who has five grand children, dominated women's bowling in 1963 by winning the BPAA All-Star title and the World's Invitational tournament.

Willis Tewksbury, 58, of Clearwater, Fla., who captained the varsity golf team at the University of Illinois in 1926 but switched to the bowling green in 1947, won his third U.S. singles title at the American Lawn Bowling Association championship in Buck Hill Falls, Pa.