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16 Big Brown Boom
The Cleveland Browns, after breaking stride for a couple of years, have discovered how to run—and pass—again

20 Last Time Around with Stan
A poignant report on a great ballplayer's final swing through the cities of the National League

26 Ladies in Search of the World
They were two tense spectators at the Woodward Stakes as their horses aimed for international honors

28 None So Swift As Wee Jimmy
Scotland's Jim Clark, a farmer with a ghost, never gives other Grand Prix drivers a ghost of a chance

38 Shooting in Mayo and Kerry
Ireland's green is fading in the autumn, but new colors provide a still wondrous setting for shooters

56 Not Quite All Right, Jack
Despite a show of flags, Britain's Davis Cup team blew its best chance for a win since 1937

62 Legacy of a French Noah
Hunters on Anticosti Island can thank Henri Menier for giving them the best deer hunting in North America

The departments

8 Scorecard
47 Bridge
49 College Football
56 Tennis
60 Golf
80 For the Record
81 19th Hole

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Cover photograph by Robert Huntzinger















Next week

The world series will be a duel of Yankee power and defense vs. Dodger pitching and speed. Color photographs of the action and an inside look at the tactics of both teams.

Caught in the act by Artist Robert Handville, some top pro runners reveal their techniques. Jack Olsen reports on Ronnie Bull, the Chicago Bears' exciting young halfback.

Violence in gloves is a fair description of Boxer Rubin Carter, and his personality is as explosive as his fists. In many ways Carter follows the pattern that was set by Sonny Liston.