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18 Koo-foo the Killer
Inspired by Sandy Koufax's two victories, the Dodgers broke up the Yankees in four straight games

26 A Clarkhunters' Day at The Glen
In an exciting race Graham Hill bagged the biggest trophy in Grand Prix racing—Scotland's Jim Clark

33 "El As" Is the Voice of America
The only Yanqui hero of the week is the swashbuckling New Yorker who broadcast the World Series in Spanish

42 See How They Run
Some of pro football's best runners are drawn in action by Artist Robert Handville. Jack Olsen tells the story of one of them, young Ronnie Bull

66 The Hydros Rolled Snake Eyes
Everyone gambles at Lake Tahoe, but for hydro drivers caught in a storm the odds were too long

70 Giving Them the Raspberry
The Triple Crown of trotting was won by a jaunty colt that sticks his tongue out at his opposition

76 Baleful Look of a New Liston
The leading contender for the middleweight title, Rubin Carter has a mugger's glare and a prison record

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11 Scorecard
57 College Football
65 Pro Football
66 Boating
69 Golf
70 Harness Racing
75 Bridge
89 For the Record
90 19th Hole

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Cover painting by Robert Handville















Next week

Enigmatic end, USC's Hal Bedsole has been called brash and sensitive. He is, above all, a very good football player. John Underwood reports on his drive to fame.

Swampland swami, promoter Dick Pope used thousands of plants, hundreds of girls and miles of photographs to turn a swamp into a $3 million property, Cypress Gardens.

Corner backs in pro football have to be big, fast and smart. Even men who fill these qualifications don't have an easy job. Tex Maule defines it and describes some of the men.