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16 The Plan That Worked
Jim Brown's big clay in New York was a long time coming, but it came last week when the Browns beat the Giants

20 Roar of Triumph for U.S. Engines
Native power plants and admiring native beauties stole the show at Riverside's Grand Prix for sports cars

22 Texas Makes It Look Easy
The Longhorns started running against Oklahoma and never stopped until they were No. 1 in the nation

26 Lady on a River of Rock
Mary Ellen O'Reilly tells of 10 harrowing days spent trapped amid the giant boulders of a Mexican canyon

34 Football's Hot Corner
Mere men lack the ability to make the ideal corner back. It takes the combined prowess of Hercules and Mercury

42 A Big Head Getting Smaller
It belongs to Hal Bedsole, USC's end who, in trying for a better attitude, has developed butter fingers

66 Babes in a Swampland
Dick Pope, a press agent turned master showman, has made Florida's Cypress Gardens into a road-show Eden

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10 Scorecard
51 Football's Week
53 Golf
58 Golf
62 Horse Racing
64 Fishing
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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