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16 This Death Might Kill Boxing
The tragedy of unknown Ernie Knox plays right into the hands of those who would destroy the sport itself

22 Pitt Wins (Boss's Orders)
But who is boss—the chancellor or the coach? Pitt fans do not care, really—they have won four straight

Pro Basketball's New Season

30 TWO EXCITING ROOKIES highlight the NBA's biggest year
32 SCOUTING REPORTS analyze each team and forecast an upset
40 A PORTFOLIO OF PAINTINGS shows an athlete's other life

46 Is There A Doctor on the Field?
There sure is, and at the age of 47 he is a rugged pro halfback for the Mohawk Valley Falcons

59 Enigma of the Interim Coach
Nobody, least of all Hugh Devore, knows if he is going to stay at Notre Dame, but his spirit certainly will

64 Very Dry Run in Tokyo
In the dress rehearsal for the 1964 Olympics the meticulous Japanese proved they can handle the big show

68 A More Sensible Way to Hunt
From his private Bavarian reserve, an American offers a plan to improve hunting conditions back home

The departments

13 Scorecard
52 Food
56 Bridge
59 College Football
64 Olympic Games
81 For the Record
82 19th Hole

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Next week

Big lines and power defenses are back in the Big Ten, where the leading teams are enjoying their best season in years. Dan Jenkins reports on the midwestern renaissance.

A barrel of laughs is 250-pound Tulsa Millionaire John Zink, who pots coyotes from a penthouse, builds winning Indianapolis cars and dresses in terry-cloth shorts.

More and more bets are being placed every year with the bookies of doom—the sports insurance salesmen, who set the odds on avalanches and on stubbed toes.