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A guide to ski resorts in the Midwest that are open for the first time and to existing areas that have added major new facilities. Listed after each area are the person and number (with area code) to call for further information.


Boyne Highlands, Harbor Springs: Formerly Harbor Highlands, the area was purchased by Everett Kircher, who has spent $1.5 million improving it. Two chair lifts were installed, and seven slopes and runs were cleared. A new lodge was built—with 70 rooms, a cafeteria seating 400 and a tri-level dining room seating 350. There is also a new bar and ski shop with rentals. Telephone Chuck Moll (616-549-2411).

Carousel Mountain, Holland: This new $1 million development has a chair lift, T bar and J bar servicing 10 runs that criss cross downhill. Night skiing is available, and all 40 acres are covered by snow-making machinery. There are no overnight accommodations, but the dining room holds 150, the cafeteria 200, and there is parking for 3,000 cars. Ski rentals are available. Call Nor Archer (616-335-5809).

Shanty Creek, Bellaire: Contrary to its name, this $2.5 million establishment has become one of the state's classiest areas and for the first time will be open for the full season. It offers a 3,800-foot chair lift, T bar, two Poma platters and two rope tows. There are 10 slopes and trails. Other facilities include a 91-room lodge, a restaurant and cafeteria, a ski shop with rentals, a heated pool, a natural ice rink and parking for 3,000 cars. There is also an 18-hole golf course under construction and an airport two miles away. Telephone Pete Martin (616-533-3833).


Afton Alps, Minneapolis: Opening this season, Afton Alps has a Pomalift and four rope tows servicing five slopes, one a wide-open beginners' slope. The entire area is covered by snow-making equipment. Facilities are a two-story chalet, ski shop with rentals and a five-acre parking lot. Telephone Tom Furlong (612-GEneva 7-4630).

Quadna Mountain, Hill City: Most of this new area should be completed by Dec. 28. Plans call for two T bars, 1,700 and 1,200 feet in length, to serve 14 trails. A lodge with 48 units located about a mile from the ski area will be open year round, with water-skiing and horseback riding available during the summer. The area will have rentals and parking for 500 cars. Telephone Bob Leaper (218-697-2324).

Twilight Hills, Bismarck: This new area has a high-speed 2,360-foot Pomalift and two rope tows—servicing three beginner slopes, two intermediate and one advanced run. Snow-making equipment covers the entire area, and night skiing is available on the beginners' slopes. The base lodge has a cafeteria and ski shop with rentals. Other facilities include a skating rink and parking lot for 500 cars. Telephone Vernon Peterson, Grand Pacific Hotel (701-CApitol 3-6900).


Boston Mills, Peninsula: Another newcomer, Boston Mills has three T bars, and eight rope tows servicing two beginner, four intermediate and two advanced slopes. Snow-making equipment covers all but one of the slopes, and night skiing is offered until 11 p.m. Other facilities include a lodge with cafeteria, a ski shop with rentals and a nine-acre parking lot to accommodate 1,000 cars. Former Sun Valley Instructor Norbert Fischer heads the ski school. Telephone Tom Kelsey (216-657-2334).

Brandywine, Northfield: With 65 acres cleared for skiing this new development's uphill facilities are two T bars, both 1,100 feet long, and two rope tows. There are six trails, the longest 2,200 feet, and two open slopes, one for beginners. Night skiing is available from 6 to 11 p.m., and snow-making equipment covers the entire area. The base lodge has a cafeteria and a ski shop with rentals. Ferdl Astor is the director o the Austrian ski school. Telephone Harold Stoneman (216-BEdford 2-1533).

Clear Fork valley, Butler: A new area, it is built on a semicircle of hills with a 2,550-foot double chair lift, a T bar, J bar and a rope tow servicing four open slopes and three trails. There is a lodge with two bars, a cafeteria and a ski shop with rentals. Snow-making equipment covers the entire 40 acres, and night skiing is offered over 80% of the area until 10 p.m. Austrian Arno Erath directs the ski school. Telephone Frank Black (419-883-2000).

Snow Trails, Mansfield: Starting its third year of operation, the area has added two T bars, a new slope and snow-making equipment to cover its entire 40 acres. The lodge has also been expanded and now has three lounges and a cafeteria (open only on weekends). Telephone Roxy Falde (419-522-7393).

Valley High, Bellefontaine: A new double chair lift has been installed, and a 2,000-foot long expert trail has been cut through the woods. The lodge porch was enclosed, and an outdoor skating rink has been added. Telephone Royce Asher (513-593-2811).