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20 The President Who Loved Sport
More than any President in generations, John F. Kennedy made the nation conscious of its need for fitness

22 Young Team with a Mission
A group of skiers, whose vigor and dedication are the embodiment of President Kennedy's ideal, heads for Europe

28 The Lavish GANEFO Snafu
Indonesia's President Sukarno put on an athletic spectacular that ended in spectacular chaos

32 A Setting for Greatness
No matter what happens in the Army-Navy rivalry, Midshipman Roger Staubach is a standout

38 Hard Look at Football
This year's Silver Anniversary award winners compare the present game with the one they played 25 years ago

46 The Miniature McCoy
The best sporting gear now made in girl-and-boy size is presented, in color, as a Christmas-gift portfolio

52 The Game That Made Millions
Invented to while away Depression-era hours, Monopoly has now tested would-be capitalists for 30 years

76 Spirit, Mind, Body
This is the motto of Springfield, the remarkable college that has contributed more to sport than any other school

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13 Scorecard
60 Football's Week
64 Pro Football
72 Hockey
75 Bridge
93 For the Record
94 19th Hole

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