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22 Two Tied at the Top
The Browns moved precisely and the Giants scrambled, but each stayed in first place, a game ahead of the Cardinals

26 $100,000 and a Pair of Moldy Salmon
Jack Nicklaus, reflecting on the tips and downs of his big season, talks about luck and the art of winning

28 Bumpy Journey to Oblivion
Under the ever-present threat of the boiler room, a 150-pound footballer describes his small but brutal game

34 College Basketball 1964

36 Color photographs of a Notre Dame road trip tell the story of a college team away from home

43 Scouting Reports on the top 20 teams include some surprise choices and a few that will upset preseason dope

57 The game's master of deception describes the tricky moves that have made him famous

82 Four first-rank coaches took reporters on recruiting missions. The results? All revealing, some hilarious

69 Profit and Loss on a Long Weekend
Championships were decided, bowl berths dealt out as the college football season all but ended last week

76 A Citizen at Last
Imported from Asia 70 years ago, the chukar partridge has finally become a prized upland game bird of the West

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15 Scorecard
64 People
66 Golf
69 College Football
75 Bridge
76 Hunting
97 For the Record
98 19th Hole

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