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16 The International Ski Scandal
U.S. hopes for the Winter Olympics have been dashed by a French official with some remarkably provincial notions

18 You Can't Keep a Bad Boy Down
Never in 15 years had Joey Giardello trained so hard for a fight. Result: a new middleweight champion

20 No Fast Break for the Cooz
Bob Cousy's debut as basketball coach at Boston College unfortunately did not follow the Hollywood script

22 The Army's Big Goof
Amidst a swelling roar, a too-deliberate Army team let time run out and with it a golden chance to beat Navy

24 The Two Pro Leagues Must Meet
The AFL challenges the NFL to a World Series. Tex Maule and Dan Jenkins forecast the result of such a game

34 Set a Sail on a Surfboard
Some brightly colored chips of wood and Fiberglas have added new zest to the sport of sailing

44 Designed for Skiers
A house that is half igloo and an Olympic uniform that is all stretch are both products of the ski boom

66 Singing Rivers and a Sea of Mud
From the cypress-studded waters of the Santee-Cooper an angler writes of the vast lake's promise and betrayals

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9 Scorecard
50 People
53 Golf
55 Pro Football
59 College Football
62 Diving
79 For the Record
80 Basketball's Week
82 19th Hole

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Year-end football is a medley of bowl games and championships. Tex Maule previews the NFL pro title game, and Dan Jenkins assesses the strengths and weaknesses of all 16 teams playing in the eight major bowls, from the Liberty to the New Year's Day Rose.

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