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The Army's Big Goof

In Philadelphia on Saturday, as 100,000 Army and Navy partisans filled the afternoon air with a deep, swelling roar, what should have been the 1963 college football season's most exciting moment suddenly became its most frustrating one. With a hallelujah flourish of his arms, Referee Barney Finn signaled the end both of the game and of a brave Army march that had carried it to within two yards and seven points of upsetting heavily favored Navy. As Navy Captain Tom Lynch (51) and teammates rose up in joyous relief, Army Captain Dick Nowack (60) and his teammates looked on in stunned disbelief. But the Cadets had only themselves to blame (see page 59). Playing too deliberately in the game's waning minutes, they frittered away their time—and possibly their first win over Navy in five years.