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22 The Giant Story
The Pittsburgh Steelers were destroyed by Y. A. Tittle, who now takes his team to Chicago for the championship

30 Grand Parade of the Bowls
Texas vs. Navy in the Cotton should be the best game, but the other seven look almost as close

36 Alley Fight on the Ice
Statistics show that this may be the roughest year ever in hockey. They also show that is the way to win

Sport in the Orient

38 David Moore's camera and the pen of Ambassador Edwin O. Reischauer unveils a new world of sport

56 Heads of state from Pnompenh to Tokyo take time out to play golf, pool and even basketball

66 A skinny boy in Taiwan won a stand-up match with a cobra, then set out to beat the rest of the world

78 The Royal Bangkok Sports Club, built on a despot's whim, is the most cosmopolitan playground in Asia

86 A guide to beaches, bargains, ruins and raw fish for the Orient-bound traveler with a taste for adventure

106 America's foremost yachtsman climaxes his career with the first major report on cruising Japanese waters

The departments

16 Scorecard
94 People
96 Golf
98 Tennis
100 College Basketball
104 Bridge
123 For the Record
124 19th Hole

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Pro Football's best teams—the Giants and the Bears—meet for the NFL championship in Chicago. The result is detailed in words and color photographs in our Jan. 6 issue.

WHO WILL IT BE? The 1963 choice of Sportsman of the Year is a departure from tradition but not from standards of excellence. Again the amphora rewards high performance.

At Snoqualmie the rain falls mainly on the ski slopes. But the country's most adamant skiers merely clamp on their trusty raincoats and mush up and down the mountains.