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Trinidad/Puerto Rico/The Virgin Islands

These three easy-to-reach Caribbean islands are as different from each other as they are from home. Puerto Rico blends old-world Spanish charm with modern luxury in a most unusual way. Trinidad brings East and West together to produce a polyglot culture like no other on earth. St. Thomas is a combination of playground and happy bargain-hunting ground that's truly unique. Different islands? Very! But, with one thing in common—each has a glamorous Hilton Hotel waiting to serve you in the grand manner. Air-conditioned comfort. Tasteful, modern decor. Excellent local and international cuisine.

Every day a Carnival in Port-of-Spain
You know it's Carnival the instant you see the new upside-down Trinidad Hilton built on the side of a hill. You enter at the top, past the shopping arcade—and go down to your room. From your terrace all Port-of-Spain, with its bustling harbor and the sea beyond, is spread before you. Relax beside the pool, as a waiter serves up an East Indian curry. Wash it down with a delectable Creole drink called Sangaree. And all around you is Carnival. In the steel drums echoing off the mountains. In the rhythm of feet on Frederick Street. In the naughty words of a Calypso song. No wonder! Mix the peoples of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India and China. And what happens? Everyone celebrates everyone else's holidays! Join the Carnival at the Trinidad Hilton. Rooms start at $16 a day, single, $21 double.

Latin Tempos & Luxurious Living at San Juan
On a lush 17-acre beach-front estate, the Caribe Hilton is unquestionably the center of San Juan social life. With so many land and water sports, smart shops and exciting restaurants at hand, it's difficult to tear yourself away for sightseeing. But you are only 2½ miles from the center of Old San Juan, and you really should wander the narrow, cobblestone streets. Practice your Spanish as you search for such historic landmarks as the Plaza de Colon, El Morro Fortress, and La Fortaleza. Then, back for an unforgettable evening at the Club Caribe, with its fabulous food, top-name entertainers, and throbbing Latin rhythms for dancing. Rooms at the Caribe Hilton start at $24 a day, single, $29 double.

Paradise on a Mountain Top in St. Thomas
High on a mountain, with a fabulous view of the islands, the Virgin Isle Hilton has everything you need for the island vacation of your life. Sapphire seas, perfect for sailing, skiing, snorkeling (the U.S. Navy frogman school is here). White velvet beaches, made for picnics, shell-collecting, sunbathing. You'll bask by the beautiful salt water pool—then explore picturesque Charlotte Amalie, where ghosts of buccaneers stalk the twisted streets. Load up on free-port loot right in the hotel's own Danish arcade. (In the Virgin Islands your duty-free allowance is doubled to $200.) When the sun goes down, sip exotic tropical potions in the Foolish Virgin Bar, watch turtle races in the pool, dine in the Patio-by-Torchlight, dance the limbo in the Pavillion-Under-The-Stars. Name it, it's yours at the Virgin Isle Hilton, where rooms start at $27 a day, single, $42 double (Modified American Plan).

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