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A college basketball quiz to tease the memory and increase the knowledge of casual fans and armchair experts

? What player scored the most points in a single game during the 1963 season? (The questions in this quiz refer only to major-college records.)

•Jim Rayl of Indiana made 56 points (23 field goals, 10 foul shots) against Michigan State.

? Frank Selvy of Furman holds the record for the best single-season scoring average (41.7 points a game in 1954). Who had the highest average last season?

•Nick Werkman, a junior at Seton Hall, averaged 29.5 points a game (650 points in 22 games) and was followed closely by Barry Kramer, a junior at NYU, with a 29.3 average. It was the first time in 10 years that the national scoring champion did not average at least 30 points a game. Art Heyman of Duke, playing in 30 games, scored the most points—747.

? Who was the best foul shooter in collegiate history?

•Tom Boyer of Arkansas made 93.3% (125 of 134) of his free-throw attempts in 1962 (only player ever to go over 90%). Last season he sank 91.3% (147 of 161) of his free throws to become the first to win the national title in two successive seasons. He also set a record when he made 44 foul shots in a row over a four-game period last year. And in three years of play Boyer missed only 38 of 353 attempts, for still another record.

? Paul Silas of Creighton had the most rebounds (557) and the best average a game (20.6) last season. Has anyone grabbed more rebounds or had a better average in a single season?

•Yes. Walter Dukes of Seton Hall had 734 rebounds in 1953, and Charlie Slack of Marshall holds the record for the best average (26.4 a game in 1955).

? Cincinnati, which allowed an average of 52.9 points a game to be scored against it, had the best defensive team in the country last season. Was its record the best in the past decade?

•No. Santa Clara (18-9) held its opponents to an average of 48.7 points a game in 1961.