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18 Superchamps in Deep Trouble
Palmer and Nicklaus expected to duel in 1964, but they never thought the first meeting would be at sea

24 The Most Expensive Sports Event
Exclusive: the seating plan for the Liston-Clay fight is disclosed in a drawing. Also the—wow!—prices.

26 Down Bloody Nose Lane
That is the route Michigan players take to the basket, and they took it often enough to run over Ohio State

30 Innsbruck: An Arena for Heroes

32 Racer Egon Zimmermann leads Austria's Wunderteam
40 The pretty Russians may sweep ladies' speed skating
42 Norway's Toralf Engan is the world's best jumper
46 Eero Mantyranta is master of the cross-country tracks
52 Kilius-Bäumler will bring Germany a figure skating medal
54 A dour Italian guides his bobsled like a virtuoso
58 The fairly amateur U.S. hockey team will try for an upset

66 The Fastest Boy in the West
Gerry Lindgren is only 17, a high school senior and 118 pounds, but he is the new sensation of U.S. track

72 Exploring—Ugh!
How three would-be scientists set off for a low canyon with high hopes, 300 mousetraps and a moussemaker

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10 Scorecard
65 People
66 Track & Field
84 For the Record
87 Basketball's Week
89 19th Hole

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The Roughest team in the National Hockey League may prove to be the best as well as the toughest. A look at Chicago's fast-skating Black Hawks both on and off the ice.

Football Innovator Fritz Crisler, the man who gave the colleges the two-platoon game, talks over changes he has in mind for the sport he has influenced profoundly.

"To the stars!" is the motto of John Day, no Olympian, but not for lack of trying. The 54-year-old Oregon rancher will try again in 1968 to make our cross-country skiing team.